About Us

Borjomi Burger & Fast Food started to serve you, our valued guests, in 2022 in the center of Borjomi, at the near of Borjomi Central Park. The owner of the Borjomi Burger and Fast Food, Hüseyin Çimen has traveled to the Asian region for many years and has lived in the countries of this geography and naturally became familiar with the food cultures. With all these savings, it aimed to offer delicious cuisine to its guests who come to visit Borjomi from these various countries with a quality service approach. We offer you a wide variety of dishes suitable for your taste with your family and friends.

Our business, which gives importance to your values with its halal food certificate, always pays great attention to hygiene. We invite you to our restaurant, which is surrounded by natural beauties, so that you can experience the most enjoyable moments with your loved ones.

We aim to provide you with quality service with all our staff in order to give our guests the best experience.

The delicious tastes of  Georgian cuisine in Borjomi, in a wonderful natural area.
We serve you in the center of Georgia’s most beautiful and natural spring water.